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I don’t think that art plays a big enough role in society. I think that it is undervalued in the school system, as well as the professional world. The parts of life that the arts do play into are made that much more vibrant. Art is able to portray culture and bring communities together. I was lucky enough to be raised in a family that is fond of the arts so I have often been brought to community events where I was able to express myself beside like-minded individuals.

lip illus

I create because it’s a way for me to convey the mixed emotions and thoughts that won’t always come out as words. I think that the different phases in my life are conveyed through the style of work that comes out of me at the time.

statue boy

Lately I’ve been working mainly in pen and ink, although I’ve gone through many phases with many different mediums. I’ve enjoyed working with oil paints quite a bit in the past, but the smell and possibility of mess hasn’t allowed me to create many paintings due to the small size of my current house, and because I share the space with other people.

dead at heart

I hope to travel everywhere I possibly can in this lifetime! That said, the country that is at the top of my list right now would be Norway. I’ve longed to experience all of the wonderful nature along the Fjords for quite some time now.


For the past few years, my favorite author has been Augusten Burroughs. He writes wonderful memoirs with a cynical yet humor filled perspective. I am now reading a book of short stories by Augusten Burroughs after just finishing Loose Girl by Kerry Cohen. I recently bought a book of poems by Ashe Vernon, which I am in love with. Music-wise, I’ve been listening to Ray Lamontagne, Amy Winehouse, Heyrocco, The Kills, Hozier, and Jackie Wilson.

black hair n face

My favorite artist is, and has always been Frida Kahlo. I remember being five years old, looking in the mirror, and urging my eyebrows to grow together so that I could be just like her. Now I’m not too fond of that wish. Other artists that I love include Francesca Woodman, Duy Huynh, and Kaethe Butcher.


Jessica Turetsky is 17 and lives in Northern California. She spends her time creating art of all forms, whether or not she is actually good at it. She dreams of traveling the world and figuring out who she wants to become. Tumblr + Instagram.

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