What does it feel like to feel?
It feels like the thoughts of every living person are inside of you, like they are thumping against the side of your head and they are reflecting off of your eyeballs like they are mirror images of yourself, even when they are not you.

Does it feel like the earth is shaking?
It feels like the universe is desperately trying to crawl into your skin, like some kind of small insect that leeches onto skin and snacks on your blood. It feels like thousands of those tiny insects are taking every bit of you until you are close to nothing, but they are everything.

What does that mean?
The world loves someone who listens.

like they are mirror images of yourself, even when they are not you.

But what do you mean?
No one listens.

But why do you feel like you are nothing?
Because every inch of me has been sucked into some kind of insect, some kind of tiny insect that has stolen every bit of something, because I have given it, I have allowed for these insects to dissect me, because I choose to listen.

What happens when you choose to listen?
You end up alone.

Becky Yeker is a college student at DePaul University in Chicago. She’s double majoring in Media & Cinema Studies and Public Relations with a minor in Creative Writing. She runs an art-based online magazine called Hooligan Mag and gets way too excited about graphic novels, records, and shows. She blogs and is on Twitter.
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