GAPS | Alex Lenkei

To be a construction of signs
of sighs,
remembering memories of encounters
that were dreams—
meeting-places in the dark.

The world’s fog is my fog.
Its limits are my limits.

How do we love the gaps between us,
the daring—radical—difficult—
infinite distance apart?

To a dusty shelf we aspire,
to orbit each other’s solitude,
as satellites bound by gravity.

Not togetherness
but becoming together,
spinning and loving the gaps
the same way we love
the space between our fingers.


Alex Lenkei is a Literature major at American University in Washington, D.C. His work has appeared in Vine Leaves Literary Journal and Sun & Sandstone. As a writer, he is interested in the intersection between literature and science, including themes of gravity, astronomy, chaos theory, and biology into his writing. He aims to examine the gaps in the human condition and whether we can genuinely contact each other. He writes at

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