Out of An Ant Hill | R.K. Gold

Out of ant hill,
rolling over itself
in unison
with the white grains
of sand
was a green

I’ve seen the desperate
search for a home
Reflecting off its eyes
and down its cheeks
its tears
will dampen
the sand enough
for a child
to build him a castle.

Only to have rain
flood away the front
door after moving
in the final box
of old tennis racquets
and empty picture frames.

I have praised wood
and dry wall
as if it were
stones meant
to outlast the pyramids.
Turning a blind eye
to termites
and listening to music
so that there could
never be anything
wrong with my home.

But standing still
as the wood gives way
under the empty pressure
and blinking through
the slivers
and the planks
raining and spitting
down upon me,
I cannot help but smile.

Because even though
the walls protecting
me have fallen
I can finally look up
and see the sun.

R.K. Gold. is from Buffalo, NY and graduated from the University of Maryland this past May with a degree in English. They are currently working their way across the country, exploring as many states as they can while editing their novel. Join them on Twitter, @RKGold91, on Facebook, and on their website.

Rachel Charlene Lewis

Rachel Charlene Lewis is a writer + social media editor, covering sex, identity, entertainment, and beauty. Her work has been published by Refinery29, Teen Vogue, SELF, Glamour, Autostraddle, and elsewhere. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @RachelCharleneL.

One thought on “Out of An Ant Hill | R.K. Gold

  1. wow what a powerful poem! Really amazing images! I also really liked how he brought the poem full circle and ended with a similar image to the beginning

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