What I feel about Jack Kerouac | Denise Mostacci Sklar

I feel his, Oh Boy baby
innocence ( IN- no- sense world)
pure blue-eyes warm pouring
sadness in cold winter
hiding—boy jumps snow
bank Abandoned,
Joy-self destroying…4-ever
jumping The frozen
flake, iron Triumph
caught in flash of
billboard sky avec
tout le monde–fiery
moment HOT alone
in simple AHH!-mazement
of scribbled truth

Denise Mostacci Sklar is from Hamilton, MA. Her work has been published in Poetry Super Highway, LYRICAL of the Sommerville NEWS , Dark Lady Poetry , Wilderness House Literary Review, MFT-The Valley Review, BRICKrhetoric, Haunted Waters Press, Emerge Literary Journal, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, The Voices Project, The Missing Slate and forthcoming in The Stray Branch.

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