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Eli’s Boys | Zach Nabors

Only three hours prior had Hopper been engulfed in a surrealistic frenzy, a haze of anxiety and shouting, when he and Finn had hit a hard right directly after the Sparky the Squirrel sign, an oversized, gray, bucktoothed squirrel denoting his distaste for forest fires, disrespect for nature, and beer cans being lobbed into his […]

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2 poems | Zach Nabors

Manic Young Writer And The Misadventures of His Alter Ego: Laughing Boy I have a voice goddamnit! No matter What your robotic rejection email says. “We wish you luck publishing elsewhere.” They ALL say. Thank God for all the Lit-Mag wishes. Where would I be without them??? I got style mothafuckas. The substance is somewhere— […]

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