2019 Best of the Net Nominees

We’re thrilled to announce our nominees for the 2019 Best of the Net anthology. Nonfiction: “Fabric Wound and Unwound” by Tasneem Maher “Fear: A Collage” by Ronny Ford Poetry: “Gaslight” by Christian J. Collier “Yolk” by Cris Iacoponi “On Being Read My Miranda Rights in My Own Hallway”by Linette Reeman “At Beiteddine, Summer 2018” by […]

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Everything, Issue 41, Translation


Özlem Bir gece,Gecede bir uyku..Uykunun içinde ben..Uyuyorum,Uykudayım,Yanımda sen. Uykunun içinde bir rüya,Rüyamda bir gece,Gecede ben..Bir yere gidiyorum,Delice..Aklımda sen. Ben seni seviyorum,Gizlice..El-pençe duruyorum,Yüzüne bakıyorum,Söylemeden,Tek hece. Seni yitiriyorumÇok karanlık bir anda..Birden uyanıyorum,Bakıyorum aydınlık;Uyuyorsun yanımda..Güzelce. Yearning A night, At night, a sleep.. Inside the sleep, me.. I’m sleeping, I’m asleep, By my side, you. Inside the sleep, a […]

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Issue 41, review

BETHANY MARY on SLINGSHOT by Cyrée Jarelle Johnson

Slingshot by Cyrée Jarelle Johnson is a turbulent debut collection that should be on every fall reading list. His poems demonstrate skillful navigation of what it is like to see the world through queer black eyes, opening all other eyes to the alternate visibility and invisibility of this existence, the dangers of being seen by […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 41

CLÉMENCE CHOUTEAU interviews s burnette

How would you describe your artistic style? Versace + Arby’s. Tammy Faye Messner + Honey Boo Boo + the Virgin Mary. Key West + Manhattan + the Research Triangle + Hell. Who / what inspires you to create? In terms of who, definitely my partner and my family/friends and other writers/artists I admire. But in […]

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Art, interview, Issue 40


For many artists, the question of how to create in the era of climate change is difficult to answer. Caroline Dare has some ideas. Caroline is a 25-year-old American photographer currently living in New Zealand. Her body of work ranges from monochrome portraits to colorful, almost surrealistic scenes, from carefully composed pieces to fleeting moments […]

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