Issue 66, Opportunities for Artists & Writers

Opportunities for Artists & Writers | December 2021

BOA Editions Blessing the Boats Selections: “Blessing the Boats Selections spotlights poetry collections by women of color. As the 2021-2023 Blessing the Boats Selections Editor-at-Large, Aracelis Girmay will read submissions and select the final manuscript for publication.” No Fee. Deadline: January 5.  Damaged Goods Press: “a micro press specializing in books by queer and trans people.” […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 66

Farewell from Clémence

Hi everyone! I’m Clémence, and I’ve been the Art Editor here at Vagabond City since 2019. This month’s issue will be my last one, after a total of 25 interviews with 25 brilliant artists who have been kind enough to share their thoughts with me and who have all taught me a lot. For my […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 65

Featured Artist: Bianca Dunn

This month’s featured artist, Bianca Dunn, is a Mexican/Chinese artist and illustrator from Sacramento, California. I discovered her work in my inbox, when she sent me a selection of gouache pieces, some monochrome, and others an explosion of blues, reds and yellows. Her work is inspired by everything and anything, from Frida Kahlo’s paintings to […]

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Issue 65, Opportunities for Artists & Writers

Opportunities for Artists & Writers | November 2021

Anomaly: “Anomaly is committed to actively seeking out and promoting the work of marginalized and underrepresented artists, including especially people of color, women, queer, disabled, neurodivergent, and gender nonconforming artists.” Accepting Poetry, Fiction, Translation, and Nonfiction. $3 fee. “Fees will be waived for all Black and Indigenous writers to support those most targeted by state violence.” […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 64

Featured Artist: Kyrsta Morehouse

This month’s featured artist is Kyrsta Morehouse, a Los Angeles-based photographer. Kyrsta is not only a photographer. She is originally a makeup artist, and started taking film and Polaroid photographs while working on film sets. She is also a poet, and her work has been published in several literary magazines. Last but not least, she […]

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In Review: Some Girls Walk Into the Country They Are From by Sawako Nakayasu

It’s complicated, reading poetry in translation. On the one hand, a reader may feel compelled to pursue translated poetry as a good “literary citizen,” as if the action’s moral correctitude were a bygone conclusion. Translated literature, the thought goes, can interrogate and pierce one’s cultural blindspots and preconceptions. If you exclusively read books written in […]

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Art, Everything, Issue 63

Featured Artist: Ninn Salaün

I discovered Ninn Salaün’s work when a painting of a sky at dusk all in pink and purple hues popped up on my Twitter feed. The picture came from Ninn’s account Reports From Unknown Places, on which she has been posting a picture of the sky with a caption explaining the meteorological events depicted everyday […]

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In Review: VILLAINY by Andrea Abi-Karam

Andrea Abi-Karam’s VILLAINY, out from Nightboat Books, is an energizing second collection. Building off of the signature style and questions raised by their debut EXTRATANSMISSION, this book weaves a whole new grain of vulnerability and introspection through its call. Their debut was invested in the critique of US military violence, of surveillance, via the performative […]

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Best of the Net Nominees 2021

We’re thrilled to announce our nominees for the 2021 Best of the Net anthology: Creative Nonfiction: In Bermuda … by Stephen Foster Smith Homegrown by Iris Yu Poetry Fentanyl by Zachary Bond Making Pumpkin Pie in July with You by Stephanie Choi Doxycycline by Rob Colgate AN INTERNET QUIZ by Lucas Peel Witness by Samia Saliba They by Joanna C. Valente

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Art, Everything, Issue 62

Featured Artist: Zoé Lab

Who are you? My name is Zoe, and I grew up in the South West of France, lost in the middle of fields and vineyards. I read a lot of comics when I was a teenager, especially 90s comics by L’Association [a French comic books publisher], and it got me interested in visual storytelling. I […]

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In Review: Seed by Joanna Walsh

It’s become a bit of a trope to claim certain novels as “unfilmable” – that no matter what extraordinary efforts a director exercises, Blood Meridian, for example, will never be displayed on the silver screen. I’d always viewed these claims with a healthy dose of skepticism. We have a version of Cloud Atlas, after all, […]

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