Vagabond City Literary Journal is looking for a volunteer Art Editor. Please keep in mind that we are especially interested in offering positions to people from marginalized groups. This is a 100% remote/virtual role that should take 1 to 5 hours every week. Applications will be open until April 15, 2018.

The main responsibilities for this role include:

Reviewing and soliciting featured art submissions
  • Most of our featured art is solicited by the art editor. This requires you to reach out to artists that you feel represent the aesthetic of the journal.
  • Reviews all art submissions to be published on the 5th of every month
  • Responds to all submissions with an acceptance/rejection email
  • Conducts an interview over email or in-person with every featured artist to present with their art pieces
  • Submits drafts of each interview to website
  • Has an in-depth understanding of the publishing schedule
Representing Vagabond City
  • Represents VC by linking to the site on all and any social media accounts
  • Engages with followers on social media accounts, i.e. if someone tweets at you, RT it, etc.
  • Actively reaches out to artists through their own social media accounts, encouraging people to submit
Being a team player
  • Participates in monthly Slack (instant message) meetings
  • Remains active in Slack channel
  • Openly shares thoughts, feedback, and critiques to make Vagabond City a stronger and more inclusive publication
  • Join a community of accomplished staff members who are writers, artists, and creatives willing to assist you with your own goals and give feedback on your work
  • Open and collaborative virtual environment with people who like books, plants, emojis, and cats (but also dogs)
  • Flexible, realistic opportunity – we’re not getting rich off of this, so we don’t expect to own your life and your time

To apply

Please send the following to with ART EDITOR in the subject line:

  • any past publication history and/or an overview of your personal work (include links if possible)
  • a brief explanation (2 sentences-1 paragraph) of why you want to work with VC and explaining past history with editing work
  • include links to social media accounts



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