Dear readers + submitters,

At Vagabond City, we seek to give you the grittiest, most honest works of beauty we can find. As such, we’ve decided to stop publishing fiction and to focus our efforts on publishing essays and poetry.

As another goal of ours is to support new and emerging writers, we believe that becoming more of a central space for essays and creative nonfiction will give more essayists a chance at publication. There are very few venues that focus on creative nonfiction, and we want to increase this number by one.

We remain grateful for everyone who has sent us fiction in the past, and will continue to keep your work warm and thriving.

Poets and artists, keep doing what you’re doing.

And dear essayists, producers of creative nonfiction, lovers of the lyric essay, the prose poem, the piece that is somehow both research and heart-based – we hope to be a glittering home for your souls.

Rachel Charlene Lewis,