This is a world in which the loudest voices are the marginalized. This is a world of poetry, essays, creative nonfiction, and art that fits outside the mainstream literary scene, yet still of significant literary merit.

We actively seek work from authors and creators from diverse and marginalized backgrounds and identities. We don’t care who has (not) published your work in the past. We are interested in hearing from those who are drowning.

We have a special appreciation for the creations of 20-somethings whose misery is dashed aside as hipster apathy, melodrama, overemotional. Don’t restrict your writing to your tumblr. Tell us what you feel. Let us be the home for your weird, your emotional, your challenge. Tell us how culture/religion/love/society has failed you.

We’re cool with the political. Get big with us. Go ambitious.

Send us your best. We are always open for submissions.


New issues the 5th of every month.

Book reviews weekly.


Founded Fall 2013.


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